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Quartz and Jasper

Amethyst Moss Agate Moss

Amethyst, Arizona crystalline oval cabochon 33x49mm

Item: 33x49.amOa


Priday Plume Agate, Oregon cabochon 35x56mm

Item: 35x56.ppaFo


Priday Plume Agate, Oregon oval cabochon 26x36mm

Item: 26x36.ppaOo


cacoxinite Quartz Lace Opal

Cacoxinite Quartz, Brazil rectangle cabochon 15x28mm

Item: 1528_cxr


Cacoxinite Quartz, Brazil cabochon 23x34mm

Item: 2334_cxs


Lace Opal, Utah cabochon 37x41mm

Item: 37x41.lopRtu



Lace Opal Petrified Wood Moss Agate  

Lace Opal, Utah round cabochon 44mm

Item: 44.lopRu


Large Petrified Wood, AZ cabochon 65.6mm round

Item: petw_65.6


Large Regency Rose oval cabochon 46x75mm

Item: 46x75.rraOo


Magnesite Burro Creek Burro Creek

Wild Horse Magnesite, Arizona oval cabochon 14x19mm

Item: 1419_whfo


Burro Creek Jasper, Arizona cabochon 16x28mm

Item: 33.5_bcjR


Burro Creek Jasper, Arizona cabochon 32mm

Item: 32_bcjR


Myrakite Orbicular

Myrakite, California cabochon 26.9mm round

Item: myrakite_r26.9


Arizona Jasper, Pima Co. tearDrop cabochon 26x42mm

Item: Js_26x42Tda


Orbicular Jasper, Arizona cabochon 52.5mm

Item: jaspOQ_r52.5mm


Gr Lizard St Hickoryite Moss Ag

Green Lizard Stone, Arizona Trillian 36x34.5

Item: 36x34.5_glsTr


Hickoryite, Arizona 20.2x38.5mm Rectangle

Item: hcrt_r20.2x38.5r


Moss Agate, USA half round cabochon 49x33mm

Item: Ma_49x33hru


Magascar Gr Opal Gr Opal Cacoxinite

Green Opal Madagascar 31x38mm cabochon

Item: Grop_31x38omg


Green Opal Madagascar 37x54mm cabochon

Item: GrOp_37x54omg


Cacoxinite Quartz; Brazil oval cabochon 29.5x19.7mm

Item: Cxq_29.5x19.7ob



Cacoxinite Quartz; Brazil trillion cabochon 25.1x41mm

Item: Cxq_25.1x41ob


Cacoxinite Quartz; Brazil oval cabochon 25.5mm

Item: Cxq_25.5rb


Cacoxinite Quartz; Brazil oval cabochon 40x32mm

Item: Cxq_40x32ob


Copper and Copper Minerals

A copper mineral assemblage that came from the Bisbee Campbell shaft in the mid 1900's in "lunch boxes" until the day it closed . It does have it's own unique appearance living up to it's own name.

Campbellite Campbellite Campbellite

Campbellite, Bisbee, Arizona cabochon 19x42mm

Item: 19x42.cocFma


Campbellite, Bisbee, Arizona oval cabochon 24x14mm

Item: 24x14.cocOma


Campbellite, Bisbee, Arizona tearDrop cabochon 22x31mm

Item: 22x31.cocTdm


Cuprite copper Copper

Copper, Cuprite and Malachite, Arizona oval cabochon 26x35mm

Item: 26x35.cocOma


Copper, Cuprite and Malachite, Arizona pear shaped cabochon 14x26mm

Item: 1426_mcpp


Native Copper in Quartzite, Ray, AZ 37mm

Item: 37_cpRra



Argillite 1426 Copper

Argillite, Arizona cabochon 44.5mm

Item: 44.5_arAr


Long Copper in Quartsite, Arizona tearDrop cabochon 29x61mm

Item: 29x61_coprRpr


Large Argillite, AZ 64mm

Item: 64_arAr



Chrysocolla NM Chrysocolla AZ

Chrysocolla, Tyrone, New Mexico cabochon 30mm

Item: 30_crTyR


Chrysocolla, Ray, Arizona cabochon 23x43mm

Item: 23x43_crRtra


Chrysocolla, Ray, Arizona cabochon 38mm

Item: 38_crRra


Bisbee malachite Parrot Wing   Copper  

Malachite Bisbee, Arizona oval cabochon 17x24mm

Item: 1724_bmo


Parrot Wing, Mexico tearDrop cabochon 30x45mm

Item: 30x45.pwTdm



Copper in Quartsite, Ray Arizona oval cabochon 30x48mm

Item: 30x48_cpRta



turq turquoise  

Turquoise Kingman oval cabochon 25x38mm

Item: 25x38_tqTdm


Turquoise Kingman, Arizona cabochon 40mm

Item: 40_tqKra


Sonora Sunrise, Mexico tearDrop cabochon 35x55mm

Item: 35x55_scTDm



Son Sunrise Campbellite Pr Turquoise

Sonora Sunrise Mex

Item: Ssm_19.5x39Rt


Campbellite, Bisbee rectangle pr cabochons 14x19mm

Item: cMpr14x19.rtb


Turquoise, Mexico tearDrop cabochon 21x41mm

Item: Tq_21x41tdm


Ajoite/ Shattuckite

Ajoite, Shattuckite; Ajo, Arizona oval cabochon 21x41mm

Item: AjS_21x41oa



Chrysocolla, Daisy Mine, AZ trillion cabochon 20x36mm

Item: Cr_20x36tra


Sonora Sunrise Cuprite, Mexico trillion cabochon 20x36mm

Item: cSs_20x36trm



Drusy Cabochons

Tiny crystals for on the surface of some minerals leaving a natural look of sparkle.

Petrified Wood Amethyst Marcasite

Angel Wing Agate 30x46mm Natural w polished right side

Item: 30x46.aw3Do



Amethyst Drusy, Africa 17.4x31mm soft Triangle

Item: amdr_afst1731


Marcasite, Rensselaer, Indiana 42x33mm Natural w polished edge

Item: 42x33.m3Dri



These are from pegmatites in Kipawa, Quebec, Canada. - Hardness 5 - 5.5 - Crystals- tabular or prismatic are mostly translucent. Tints or shades of red are thought to be from manganese. A complex silicate of calcium, sodium, zirconium, cerium, iron and manganese, with hydroxyl and chlorine.

Eudialyte R Eudialyte Eudialyte Lg

Eudialyte, Canada cabochon 22x32mm

Item: 22x32.euTrc


Eudialyte, Canada cabochon Lg tearDrop 32x34mm

Item: 32x34_eudTdc


Eudialyte, Canada trillian cabochon 36x25mm

Item: 36x25_eudTc


More Selections of Cabochons

kyanite kyanite kyanite

Kyanite, Brazil long cabochon 14x42.5mm

Item: 14x42.5_kyrt


Kyanite, Brazil rectangle cabochon 16x37mm

Item: 16x37_kyBrt


Kyanite, Brazil square cabochon 23x22mm

Item: 23x22_kys


kyanite kyanite  

Kyanite, Virginia cabochon 27.5x43.5mm

Item: 27.5x43.5_kyVtd


Kyanite, Virginia cabochon 30x54mm

Item: 30x54_kyVff



Lapis Bolivia

Item: Lap_42rbl


Stitichtite in Serpentine

Item: Ss_35x51Tdt


Stitichtitie in Serpentine

Item: Ss_36x48otz



Marcasite Marcasite  

Marcasite, Nipomo, California oval cabochon 15x20mm

Item: 1520_nmo


Marcasite, Nipomo, California oval cabochon 15x23mm

Item: 1523_nmo



Chr T set    

Chrome Tremolite New York triplet rounds 18mm - 2, 24mm

Item: 18-2_24_ctr3



Specialty Gemstone Cabochons

Serandite Emerald Great Unconformity

Serandite, Canada 20.4x21.8 heart

Item: serandite_cht20.4x21.8


Emerald; N Carolina round cabochon 46mm

Item: Em_46Rnc


The Great Unconformity, AZ tearDrop cabochon 20.5x38.3mm

Item: uCf_20.5x38.3a



Rhodonite, Brazil oval cabochon 16x34.5mm

Item: rN_16x34.5br


Rhodonite, Brazil tearDrop cabochon 18x38mm

Item: rN_18x38br



"Electric Opal" Hyalite

This Hyalite Opal is the first documented Fluorescent - in - daylight Opal This is from Mexico and has been given the name "Electric Opal". The pictures are taken in daylight, in shade.

Electric Opal™ -Hyalite Mexico sm 11.7x14.9mm

Item: eOp_11.7x14.9Sm


Electric Opal™ (Hyalite) Mexico Lg 28.3mm

Item: EOp_28.3Lm


Electric Opal™ (Hyalite) Mexico Lg 36x33.9mm

Item: EOp_36x33.9Lm


Electric Opal™ (Hyalite) Mexico Lg 17.4x40.9mm

Item: EOp_17.4x40.9Lm


Electric Opal™ (Hyalite) Mexico sm 9.7x17.5mm

Item: eOp_9.7x17.5Sm


Electric Opal™ (Hyalite) Mexico Lg 32x46.5mm

Item: EOp_32x46.5Lm



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