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Eggs, Spheres, Marbles & Fluorescents

Just to note, cabochons can be a great representation of collectible materials and their locality.


Eggs Eggs Eggs

Copper in iron oxides from Bisbee, Arizona 50mm Egg

Item: copper_be50x37.6


Bohmeite from Globe, AZ 50.5mm Egg (fossilized)

Item: bohm2_maze_50.5x37.5


Chrysocolla, Malachite from Inspiration Properties Globe, Arizona 37.5mm Egg

Item: chrys,mal igaze50.9x37.5


Eggs                                               Eggs

Copper from Ray, Arizona 60.5mm Egg

Item: copprq2_raze60.5x43.1


Cacoxinite Quartz 50.2mm Egg

Item: cacox2_e50.2x37.5


Eudialyte, Agrellite from Kipawa, Que Canada 48.2mm Egg

Item: eud2,agr_kqcfe48.2x35.1


Eggs Eggs Eggs

Eudialyte, Agrellite from Kipawa, Que Canada 51mm Egg

Item: eud2,agr_kqce51x37.5



Eudialyte, Mosandrite from Kipawa, Que Canada 50mm Egg




Malachite Stalactite 30.1mm Egg The center is a small open straw.

Item: mal,stlt e30.1x23.3


Eggs Eggs Eggs

Orbicular Jasper from S of Quartzite, Arizona 61.2mm Egg

Item: jaspOq e61.2x46



Petrified Wood from Holbrook, Arizona 59.3mm Egg

Item: petw aze59.3x45



Turquoise from Mexico 50.8mm Egg

Item: turq mexe50.8x37




sphere Spheres Spheres

Amethyst from Tiger, Arizona 40.7mm Sphere

Item: amy tazsph40.7


Aragonite from Greece 61.7mm Sphere

Item: aragonite gsph61.7


Bauxite from Arkansas 50.4mm Sphere

Item: bauxite asph50.4


Spheres Spheres Spheres

Chrysocolla from Ray, Arizona 53.1mm Sphere

Item: chrys rsph53.1


Copper from Ray, Arizona 52.3mm Sphere

Item: copper rsph52.3


Emerald from North Carolina 48.5mm Sphere

Item: emerald ncsph48.5


Spheres Spheres Spheres

Garnet with star from North Carolina 40.2mm Sphere

Item: garnet ncsph40.2


Lepidolite with Rubelite from Stewart Mine, Pala, California 50.5mm Sphere

Item: lep,rub stcsph50.5


Peridot from Peridot, Arizona 41.9mm Sphere

Item: peridot pazsph41.9


Spheres Spheres Spheres

Rhodonite from Brazil 50.2mm Sphere

Item: rhodonite bsph50.2


Silver, Skutterudite from Cobalt Ont Canada 55.3mm Sphere

Item: silver,sk cocsph55.3



Vesuvianite, Wolastinite_Mexico 50.9mm Sphere

Item: vesuvianite, wolast msph50.9



marble marble marble

Burro Creek Jasper from Burro Creek, Arizona 26.6 Marble

Item: burcr_m26.6



Lazulite from Graves Mt Georgia 27.1mm

Item: lazulite-3.76_27.1


Chrysocolla Conglomerate from Southern Arizona 25mm Marble

Item: chrys azcongm25mm


marble marble marble

Covelite and Pyrite from Butte Montana 23mm Marble

Item: covlt,pyrt-3.35_23


Priday Plume Agate from Oregon 28mm Marble

Item: pridaypl3.97_28m


Opalized Chrysotile from Brazil 29.7mm Marble

Item: opchryt bm29.7


marble marble marble

Silver, Nicolite from Cobalt Ont Canada 24.1mm Marble

Item: silver,nicl ocm24.1



Smelter Brick from AZ 29mm Marble

Item: smtrb_azm29


Celestine from Ontario Canada 26mm Marble

Item: celestican3.82_26m


Fluorescent: Spheres, Eggs and Marbles

agrellite_feyMSHce43.3x32.6 Fluorescent Fluorescent

Agrellite from Mt St Hillaire, Que. Canada 43.3mm Egg

Item: agrellite feyMSHce43.3x32.6


Calcite from Mexico 28.2mm Marble

Item: calcite mflm28.2

SOLD but have one similar


Calcite, Willemite, Franklinite from Sterling Hill Mine, New Jersey 50.1mm Egg

Item: calcite,wille,frkl f2e50.1x36.8


fluorescent fluorescent fluorescent

Hackmanite from Mt St Hillaire Que Canada 21.6mm Marble

Item: hackmt cfcm21.6



Hackmanite, Aegerine from Mt St Hillaire Que Canada 50mm Egg

Item: hackmanite,aeg ce50x37



Hardystonite, Calcite, Willemite from Sterling Hill Mine, New Jersey 43.4mm Egg

Item: hardy,cal,wille f3nje43.4x31.3


fluorescent fluorescent  

Hardystonite, Calcite, Willemite from Sterling Hill Mine, New Jersey 59mm Sphere

Item: hardy,cal,wille,grnt f3njsph59



Zincite and Calcite from Sterling Hill Mine, New Jersey 55.1mm Egg

Item: zincite,cal f2pstnje55.1x41.8




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