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Focal Beads


Copper Lepidolite

Copper in Quartsite, Ray, Arizona bead 21mm

Item: Cofb_21ra


Lepidolite, California bead 41x15mm

Item: Lpfb_41x15.5c


Chrysocolla; Inspiration CCopperCo. AZ focal bead 35x22.5mm

Item: Crfb_35x22.5a


Chrysocolla Getchellite Sunstone

Chrysocolla, Malachite Pima Co. Arizona bead 31x17.5mm

Item: Crmfb_31x17.5a


Getchellite; Getchell, Nevada bead 29.3mm

Item: Gcfb_29.3rn


Sunstone; India disk bead 29.5mm

Item: Ssfb_29.5di



Amazonite; Colorado bead 22mm

Item: Atfb_22rc


Copper in Quartsite; Ray, Arizona bead 21.5x17mm

Item: Cofb_21.5x17Rra



2-Hole Beads

Amethyst Jasper Eudialyte

Amethyst, Arizona 2-hole bead 48x37mm

Item: Amfb_48x37h2a


Jasper, USA 2-hole freeform bead 40x39mm



Eudialyte; Canada 2-hole oval bead 28.5x35.5mm



Pendant Stones


Bohmeite, Arizona pendant stone 24.5x39mm

Item: Btfb_24.5x39psa


Copper in Quartsite, Ray, Arizona pendant stone 26.5x47mm

Item: Cofb_26.5x47psta


Travertine, California pendant stone 32x43mm

Item: Tfb_32x43psc



turquoise Amethyst Copper

Turquoise, Kingman, Arizona pendant stone 14x39mm

Item: Tqfb_14x39psKa


Amethyst; Arizona pendant 27x37mm

Item: Amfb_27x39psa


Copper in Quartsite, Ray, Arizona pendant 23x25.5mm

Item: Cofb_23x25.5psa


Chrysocolla Chrysocolla Chrysoprase

Chrysocolla, Malachite; Gila Co. Arizona pendant 23.5x36mm

Item: Crfb_23.5x36psa



Chrysocolla, Malachite; Ray, Arizona tearDrop pendant 21x36mm

Item: Crps_21x36Tda


Chrysoprase; Australia tearDrop pendant 21x35mm

Item: Cypfb_21x35psal



Green Lizard Stone; Arizona sculpted pendant 32x41mm

Item: GrLsfb_32x41psa




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