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Focal Beads


Copper Lepidolite

Ocean Jasper w Openings
Madagascar bead 22mm

Item: oJb.rM_22


Shattuckite, Ajo, Arizona 18.9mm Round Focal Bead

Item: sKfb_r18.9b


Chrysocolla; Inspiration CCopperCo. AZ focal bead 35x22.5mm

Item: Crfb_35x22.5a


Chrysocolla Getchellite Sunstone

Chrysocolla, Malachite Pima Co. Arizona bead 31x17.5mm

Item: Crmfb_31x17.5a


Getchellite; Getchell, Nevada bead 29.3mm

Item: Gcfb_29.3rn


Sunstone; India disk bead 29.5mm

Item: Ssfb_29.5di


Tourmaline, Brazil focal bead
round 18.4mm

Item: tMfb_r18.4b


Copper in Quartsite; Ray, Arizona bead 21.5x17mm

Item: Cofb_21.5x17Rra


Dugway Geode, Utah (not open) round focal bead 20.8mm

Item: dGfb_r20.8u


2-Hole Beads

Amethyst Eudialyte

Native Copper in Quartsite, Ray, Arizona half moon

Item: coQ2hp_hm37.5x24.3ra


Lapis, Afghanistan 2-hole pendant 26.7 x 25.6

Item: lp2hp_ffsq26.7x25.6af


Campbellite, Bisbee, Arizona, 2-Hole pendant

Item: cM2hp_hm49.4x20.8ba


Pendant Stones


Amethyst, Arizona drop pendantrectangle24.2x 42.3mm

Item: Amdp_rt24.2x42.3sa


Grape Agate, Indonesia droppendant31.1x 52.2mm

Item: grAdp_31.1x52.2in


Amazonite Tear Drop PendantColorado 21.7mm x 34mm

Item: Atdp21.7x34c


turquoise Amethyst Copper

Bohmeite, Globe, Arizona, Drop Pendant Triangle

Item: bTdP_Gltr_27.7x49.2


Gaspeite, Australia, drop pendant 21.6 x 40.4mm

Item: gpdp_fft21.6x40.4as


Ruby, India 29 x 41.4mm drop pendant

Item: rbdp_p29x41.4i


Chrysocolla Chrysocolla Chrysoprase

Cacoxinite Quartz Freeform Drop Pendant

Item: caQdp.Bff_18.9x40.2



Kyanite, Brazil teardrop Pendant 20.9 x 36.8mm

Item: kyfb_td20.9x36.8b


Chrysoprase; Australia tearDrop pendant 21x35mm

Item: Cypfb_21x35psal



Green Lizard Stone; Arizona sculpted pendant 32x41mm

Item: GrLsfb_32x41psa


Gem Chrysocolla, Ray, Arizona drop pendant (verticle) 19.7 x 30.5mm

Item: Crgdp_tr19.7x30.5ra


Eudialyte, Quebec Canada Drop Pendant 12.8x37.4mm

Item: eUdp_br12.8x37.4c


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