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Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings


Sterling Silver
2413 612206

Natural Copper Vein Crocheted Necklace

A native copper vein from Arizona material cut and crocheted to an 18” necklace incorporating gemstone beads of Gem Chrysocolla and Cuprite. The Sterling Silver prong mounting is beaded to a sterling silver bail with glass beads and has a sterling clasp.

$82 Item: 2413P

Blue Chalcedony, Moonstone crocheted Necklace

A Blue Chalcodony curved drop is drilled and wrapped with wire to a bail that has a cream colored moonstone cabochon who's mounting is riveted to the etched metal slide that has been wired with gray enameled wire. The enameled gray wire is also used for the crocheted 20" chain with glass rings and moonstone beads and has a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

$84 Item: 612206P

2460 2463

Silver, Copper and Oxidized Metal Crocheted Necklace

The pendant is a layering of silver, coppers and Azurite/ Malachite set cabochon. The stone is riveted to, and the copper poured (splash) piece is wired to the silver base plate. A rivet is used again to attach a wine etched copper slide to the matte gray enameled 22" crocheted chain of Dumorturite and Gem Chrysocolla with a Sterling Silver hook clasp.

$82 Item: 2460P

Chrysocolla and Malachite Turquoise Crocheted Necklace

The Chrysocolla and vein of Malachite center stone is flattened and polished and has a crocheted bezel. The beads are Turquoise. The Chain is a combined green with black enameled wire threaded through it for a 20” chain with Sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

$145 Item: 2463P

2464 612207

Amethyst Wine Etched Pendant crocheted Chain

The wine colored etched copper metal has been shaped, the Amethyst is mounted in a Sterling Silver and sewn with titanium colored enameled wire to the etched metal pendant. Gray enameled wire is crocheted for a 20” chain.

$72 Item: 2464P

Moss Agate beaded pendant and crocheted Necklace

A White Moss Agate stone is beaded for a pendant with tiny glass black and brown seed beads. The crocheted black enameled wire is formed to a 26 " necklace and Wild Horse Magnesite, jet and black onyx beads and a sterling silver hook clasp.



Turquoise with Copper Ring Crocheted Necklace

The Turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona. We smoothed and polished almost flattened, drilled and wired to a copper ring. The brass crocheted 20" chain has beads of Anorthoclase, Veriscite and Petrified Wood again from Arizona.

$165 Item: 2468P

Gold Necklace
26 264

Tourmaline gold 14ky choker

The sliding gold 14ky pendant envelopes a back set vivid pink tourmaline in gold 14ky is flanked by tourmaline and moonstone beads on wire with connecting rings both of gold 14ky. All components will move freely on the fine choker of gold 14ky.

$609 Item: 26P

Ruffled Vesuvianite in Gold 14kw

Vesuvianite is an uncommon stone from Canada and a treat to have the natural crystals for the drusy effect in this stone. We cut, shaped and polished it to fit this 20 millimeter white gold 14kw mounting. The hand beaded ruffle is of matt black , lime green, and soft metalic colored glass beads making this a 20” necklace and the clasp is a gold 14kw bar, ring.

$920 Item: 264P


Sunstone Gold 14ky Necklace

We cut an Oregon Sunstone of 7x22 millimeters of excellent quality and set in a Gold 14ky prong mounting and joined in a twist- tie fashion to a winged pendant enhancer. The chain is filigree with a lobster claw and rings clasp are all Gold 14ky for a 20” necklace.

$1149 Item: 2446P




Watch this area for Bracelets. Planned for future release.



Sterling Silver
366 Campbellite Arch Dangle Sterling Earrings

Handcrafted Campbellite 10x8mm, from Bisbee, Arizona with arched Silver square wire attached to handmade, hammered, hook earwires. They are about 2” in length.

$58 Item: 366E

91241 Filigree and Sapphire Sterling Silver earrings

This sterling earrings feature beads of oxidized silver made into a delicate filigree pattern that are floating above sapphire gemstones. The ear wires are my fabrication. They are 1-7/8" long.

$36 Item: 91241E

91245 Amethyst dangles on Sterling Silver ring hooks

The amethyst gemstone dangles are complimented by the black jade, and glass in silver and purple. The ear wires are shaped into front ring hooks. They are 1-3/4"long.


512026 Sea Urchin, glass rings, and Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings

Sea Urchin spines, vintage, dangle by enameled wire and capped by artist made rich brown glass rings and Turquoise beads held by my hand made sterling hook ear wire and are 3-1/4"long.

$38 Item: 512026E

Gold and Vermeil Earrings


Eudialyte gold 14ky Dangle Earrings

These earrings have 14 x 10 millimeter eudialyte from Canada. The gold 14ky wire has a 5 millimeter gold 14Ky bead “suspended in place”. They dangle from gold 14ky french hook ear wires making them 2 3/8” about 60 millimeters long.

$376 Item: 11E

13 Uvarovite gold 14ky Dangle Earrings with Natural Cubic Diamonds

Uvarovite is a drusy garnet variety from Russia. This pair is 14 x 10 millimeter stones with 14ky gold prong mounting. Added to these stones are Natural Cubic shaped Diamonds and faceted Hessonite garnets. The Gold 14ky posts are 5 millimeter ball posts with 14ky earnuts and are 1.5" or 38millimeters long.


125 Eudialyte Pear Shaped gold 14ky Earrings

Eudialyte here is from Canada.This stone has been cut and polished to fit a 16 x 12 pear post mounting of gold 14ky and ear nuts.


233 Moonstone Flower crocheted vermeil Earrings

The Moonstone flower dangle is joined with strawberry quartz, brass cube and vintage seed beads. These are vermeil with gold filled wire and are 1.5” long.

$25 Item: 233E

447 Campbellite Earrings Vermeil

Campbellite beads 6mm with 2mm vermeil, 3.5mm faceted apatite, aventurine and seed beads with gold filled wire coiling and dangling from a french hook vermeil ear wire and are 2” long.

$32 Item: 447E

452 Apatite, Lepidolite Crocheted Earring Vermeil

Faceted Apatite of 3.5mm combined with 4mm Lepidolite beads wrapped with black enameled wire, dangling from vermeil ear wires and are 2” long.

$32 Item: 452E

453 Prehnite, Hessonite, Chrysoprase Earrings Vermeil

Prehnite barrels, 4mm Facet cut Vermeil, 6mm Hessonite garnet, 2 and 4 mm Chrysoprase, and vintage seed wrapped with green enameled wire dangle from bead end hook Vermeil ear wires and are 2 - 1/8” long.


466 Aquamarine, Cuprite and Chrysoprase Vermeil Earrings

These vermeil earrings are crocheted with titanium colored wire. The gemstones are Aquamarine spacers, Cuprite from Bisbee, AZ, Vermeil, Chrysoprase and onyx. They are 2-1/4” long.

$32 Item: 466E

4929 Natural Cubic Diamond Wire Dangle gold 14ky and 18ky Earrings

Natural cubic shaped 6 millimeter diamonds with gold 18ky 3mm round and 4 millimeter faceted Hessonite garnet beads on a 14ky wire dangled from a gold 18ky french hook Bali style ear wire.

$260 Item: 4929E

4930 Naturally shaped Cubic Diamond gold 14ky dangle Earrings

The natural cubic Diamonds are about 6 millimeters with 4 millimeter faceted apatite and a facet cut gold 14ky barrel beads joined by a gold 14ky wire. The ear wires are gold 14K french hooks.

$246 Item: 4930E



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