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Gemstone and Mixed Metals

Copper Nugget, Beaded Bail, Copper Chain

Small Turquoise Nugget with a Beaded Bail and an 18in Copper Chain Necklace

$56 Item: 51VN32

Amazonite Drop Pendant and Beaded Chain

Amazonite, Colorado Drop Bead with a Beaded Black small seed bead 18in Chain with Vintage Button Clasp

$79 Item: 81GN11

2460 2463

Bohmeite, Globe, AZ; Copper Chain Necklace

A Bohmeite from Globe, Arizona Drop Pendant with an 18in Copper Chain with Lobster claw clasp.

$98 Item: 82GN8A

Chrysocolla and Malachite Beaded and Copper Chain Necklace

Chrysocolla and Malachite stone and has a beaded bezel. The Chain is a 17in copper with a lobster claw clasp.

$215 Item: 2463P4

2464 612207

Turquoise Drop, Bronze Bail, Antiqued Copper Chain Necklace

Turquoise Drop, Bronze Leaf Bail, Antiqued Copper 16in Chain with Lobster claw clasp Necklace

$87 Item: 82GN12

Dinosaur Bone Bead, Copper Chain Necklace

Light Brown, Pink Dinosaur Bone Bead, 17in Copper Chain with Lobster claw clasp Necklace

$104 Item: 82GN9A


Turquoise Pendant, Bronze, and Copper Chain Necklace

Turquoise Pendant with Bronze Flower and Beads, and Copper Chain Necklace 18in

$104 Item: 82GN13

Copper Coil, Jasper Beaded Chain Necklace

Copper Coil and rings, set Jasper with 18in Beaded Chain Button Clasp Necklace

$79 Item: 82GN5A

Gold Necklace
26 264

Eudialyte 14kw Beaded Necklace

Eudialyte, Quebec Canada; Faceted Spinel; 14k White Gold beaded Necklace 17in.

$472 Item: 82GP17_14kw,B

Sphalerite in Gold 14k Necklace

Sphalerite, Spain; 14k Gold necklace 18- 19in.

$1,693 Item: 82GP19_14k


Tourmaline, CA; Natural Diamond 14kw Necklace

Tourmaline, Pala District, California; Natural Diamond, 14k White Gold Beaded Necklace 16in.

$498 Item: 82GP20_14kw,B

Uvarovite, Russia 14k Necklace

Uvarovite, Russia; (Garnet crystals) 14k Gold cable necklace.

$1,300 Item: 31P3W44_14k


Copper, Bronze, Amethyst Bracelet

Copper Coils and Rings, Bronze Rings, set Amethyst Bracelet with Lobster claw Clasp

$124 Item: 71Cbr95

Campbellite, Turquoise Sterling Silver

Bracelet Campbellite, Bisbee, Arizona; Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Arizona Sterling Silver Bracelet

$184 Item: 395Br3


Mixed Metal and Gemstone Earrings

Gem Chrysocolla in a Bronze Vase Gold Filled Earrings

Gem Chrysocolla in a Bronze Vase, Spinel, Turquoise Rose Gold Filled Earrings

$53 Item: 18KE101.Bgf


Patinaed Fan, Niobium Earrings

Patinaed Fan, Bronze Bead, Jade, Niobium Earrings

$32 Item: 18KE104.Pbn


Patinaed Ring with Bronze Dangle Earrings

Patinaed Ring, Bronze Dangle Earrings

$32 Item: 18KE99.Pbn


Patinaed Ring with Azurite Rose Gold Filled Earrings

Patinaed Ring with Azurite/ Malachite, Jerome, AZ, Turquoise Rose Gold Filled Earrings

$38 Item: 18KE106.Pgf

Gold, Golf Filled Gemstone Earrings


Eudialyte gold 14ky Dangle Earrings

Eudialyte, Quebec Canada; Ethiopian Opal; 14k Gold Earrings with Rope EarWire

$304. Item: 18KE105_14k


Uvarovite gold 14ky Dangle Earrings with Natural Cubic Diamonds

Uvarovite drusy from Russia (garnet variety) Natural Diamond, 14k Gold Dangle Earrings with HandMade EarWire.

$610 Item: 13G3E_14k


Tourmaline, California; Diamond Earrings

Tourmaline, Pala District, California; Tiny natural diamonds, Apatite 14k White Gold Leverback Earrings

$164. Item: 13K07E2_14kw


Kyanite, Rose Gold Filled Earrings

Kyanite, Fresh Water Pearl, Rose Gold Filled Hook Earrings

$22 Item: 17JfE47_Rgf


Burro Creek Jasper, Rose Gold Filled Earrings

Burro Creek Jasper, Sapphire Rose Gold Filled Hook Earrings

$36 Item: 17JfE60_Rgf


Sapphire, Rose Gold Filled Earrings

Sapphire, Pipestone Rose Gold Filled Hook Earrings

$29 Item: 17JfE58_Rgf

Natural Diamond Cube, 18k,14k Gold Earring

Natural Diamond Cube, Faceted Hessonite 18k EarWire, Bead, floating on a 14k Gold Wire Earring

$449 Item: 4929K5E_18.14k


Color Change Garnet, Tourmaline 14k White Gold Earrings

Color Change Garnet, Tourmaline, and Green Sapphire 14k White Gold

$158 Item: 18KE107_14kw



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